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170 Preserving other things but food

There is more than food to be wrapped up

These days we preserve not only things like food. Do you know what the following descriptions refer to?

1. Recorded music, either old fashioned records or the postmodern and
    modern versions like tapes, music cassettes, CDs, DVDs, MP3s or
    Ipods sometimes is refered to as ...... music.

2. Don't get this mixed up with recorded music that is played continuously
    in public places such as shops, restaurants, airports, toilets etc. is called
     ..... music.

3. Laughter which is prerecorded and then played back during the funny parts
    of comedy programmes like modern sitcoms in television or in
    the radio is called ...... laughter.


Congratulations, you got the right answers to
Brainteasers 169 - Food for thought (difficult)

And here they are:

1. Which of these do the British eat most of in Europe?

a. crisps and chocolate
b. fresh fruit and vegetables
c. sausages

2. What is the most popular food in Britain?

a. fish and chips
b. pizza
c. curry

3. What is "haggis"?

a. a cocktail made from whisky and fruit juice
b. a type of fish eaten in Scotland
c. a Scottish dish made from sheep's stomach and innards

4. Stilton, cheddar and double gloucester are all kinds of:

a. apple
b. pig
c. cheese

5. What do most British people have for breakfast?

a. toast and cereal
b. cappuccino and croissant
c. fried eggs and bacon

6. Who invented the sandwich and why?

a. The Earl of Sandwich, because he wanted food which he could eat
     with one hand while gambling
b. Lord Sandwich, because he wanted food which he could take for a picnic
     in the countryside
c. Queen Elizabeth I, because she wanted food which could be prepared quickly
     for guests

7. What is a "kebab"?

a. a type of pub
b. Turkish fast food
c. A hot drink

8. Which of the following ingredients would not be a possible ingredient of a
     British pudding?

a. pig's blood
b. chocolate
c. lettuce

9. Which of these do you find in a pub in Britain? (trick question)
    All answers were right:

a. lager
b. cider
c. bitter

10. What is "chicken tikka masala"?

a. a type of salad
b. a type of Chinese food
c. a curry

11. How many vegetarians are there in the UK today?

a. 3-4 thousand
b. 300-400 thousand
c. 3-4 million

12. Where do people eat deep-fried chocolate bars?

a. Scotland
b. Japan
c. Wales

13. When are toffee apples eaten in the UK?

a. Christmas
b. Halloween
c. Easter

14. What is the difference between the following pairs?

"chips" and "French fries", "crisps" and "chips", "fizzy drink" and "soda"

a. British English v. American English
b. British English v. French
c. British English v. German

15. When did the first curry house open in Britain?

a. 1809
b. 1919
c. 1969

15. Juni 2007