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B R A I N T E A S E R S - Snacks and other little meals (medium)

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171 Takeaway food

1. Finish the proverb: One man's _______ is another man's poison.

a) meat
b) nourishment
c) victuals
d) grub
e) fodder

2. In British English we buy food to "take away", but in the US they buy it ________.

a) to go
b) to carry
c) to lift
d) to eat out

3. Complete this phrase: As flat as _ ______.

a) an omelette
b) a wafer
c) a pancake
d) a biscuit
e) a doughnut

4. Which of the following is not correct?

a) fast food
b) junk food
c) food to go
d) rubbish food

5. Which of the following is sweet (not savoury)?

a) pizza
b) a taco
c) a doughnut
d) sushi

6. I know they're not very healthy, but I love sausages and especially in a ___________.

a) hot cat
b) hot mouse
c) hot dog
d) hot horse

7. Another word for chips is __________ fries.

a) German
b) Italian
c) English
d) French

8. An American says potato chips when an Englishman says ______.

a) baked potatoes
b) chips
c) French fries
d) potato croquettes
e) potato crisps

9. In which four ways do British people usually cook eggs?

a) boil bake stew fry
b) poach boil stew fry
c) fry boil scramble poach
d) scramble steam broil grill
e) grill fry simmer stew

10. Which of the following is the odd-one-out?

a) ketchup
b) mustard
c) soy sauce
d) chopsticks


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Brainteasers 170 - Preserving things (medium)

And here they are:

1. Recorded music, either old fashioned records or the postmodern and modern versions like tapes, music cassettes, CDs, DVDs, MP3s or Ipods sometimes is referred to as TINNED music.

Ein schon etwas veralteter Ausdruck der aber noch gerne humorvoll, augenzwinkernd oder "in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way" von der mittelalten bis älteren Generation in Großbritannien als "Musik aus der Konserve" gebraucht wird.

2. Don't get this mixed up with recorded music that is played continuously in public places such as shops, restaurants, airports, toilets etc. This is usually called PIPED music.

Musikberieselung aus dem Lautsprecher (auch unter dem Warennamen "Muzak" bekannt und sich abnehmender Beliebtheit erfreuend)

3. Laughter which is prerecorded and then played back during the funny parts of comedy programmes like modern sitcoms in television or in the radio is called CANNED laughter.

"Lachkonserven": Sie sollen den Eindruck erwecken, daß die Sendung live gesendet wird und signalisieren dem Zuschauer, wo er gefälligst mitzulachen hat. Man erkennt solches "Kunstgelächter" daran, daß es meistens unvermittelt anfängt und ebenso plötzlich wieder abbricht - alles bestens inszeniert.

17. August 2007