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179 Mind your Apostrophes - "Its" or "it's"?

Apostrophes usually indicate a missing letter, e.g. it's (= it is) or can't (= cannot). On the other hand they are used to show possession, e.g. John's car; The teachers' staffroom; women's wear; the Jacksons' place... . But apostrophes can turn into a rather tricky stuff, if you

try to add them to the following sentences where necessary:

1 The car was turned over on its side.

2 Its time to go home.

3 Has the cat had its food yet.

4 The company sent its best salesperson to the conference.

5 The best thing about it is its size.

6 Its getting hot in here.

7 Look at that guinea-pig! Its got a yellow stripe.

8 Brrr! Its suddenly got really cold. Looks like its November.

9 The cat is in its basket.

10 The bird flapped its wings and took off over the pond.


Congratulations, you got the right answers to
Brainteasers (178) - Dressed up language

The missing items of clothing on the crossword stairs are:

1 to give someone the boot (Stiefel) = jemanden rausschmeißen

2 Keep your shirt (Hemd) on! = Reg dich ab!

3 to pull one's socks up = sich am Riemen reißen

4 to bore the pants (Unterhose) off someone = jemanden zu Tode langweilen

27 March 2008