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185 Coining a phrase

Money and Change

Try to get the following clolloquial expressions into the right spelling order and to match them up the with the correct amount of money below:

A. idme
B. bcuk
C. traquer
D. diqu
E. rentan
F. kelcin
G. drang

1. 1 dollar .....

2. 1 pound.....

3. 5 cent.....

4. 25 cent.....

5. 1,000 pounds.....

6. sixpence.....

7. 10 cents.....


Congratulations, you got the right answers to
Brainteasers (184) - Highly confusing

These are the correct sentences:

1. At the reception-desk "Do you have any vacant rooms?" (vacant - leer, unbesestzt, frei)

We drove along empty streets.
(empty - leer, verlassen, unbewohnt)

2. The English language has adopted the words "shawl" and "bungalow" from Indian.
(to adopt (adoption) - annehmen, sich aneignen)

The immigrants found it difficult to adapt to a new way of life. (to adapt (fit) - (sich) anpassen, sich nach den Verhältnissen richten)

Außerdem gibt es eine Verwechslungsmöglichkeit zu adept (expert - Meister(in)) oder to be adept at (geschickt sein)

3. He is a famous writer.
(famous - berühmt)

He is a notorious drinker.
(notorious - berüchtigt, nur allzu bekannt)

4. He will accept the money
(to accept (approve) - annehmen)

Everyone arrived except Mary.
(except (omit, apart from) - ausgenommen)

5. This event did not affect the government's plans. (to affect (have effect on - impress; pretend; emotion) - einwirken auf, berühren, beeinflussen)

This event effects a change in politics. (to effect sth. (bring about) - bewirken, verursachen, veranlassen)

17 November 2008