ENGLISCH/825: Brainteasers (187) This food is not for eating (SB)

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187 This Food is not for eating

See if you can supply the missing food in these idioms:

fish - egg - beans - butter - broth - milk - pudding

1. The proof of the ... is in the eating

2. ... wouldn't melt in her mouth

3. a different kettle of ...

4. too many cooks spoil the ...

5. there is no use crying over spilt

6. to spill the ...

7. that left them with ... on their face


Congratulations, you got the right answers to
Brainteasers (186) - Festive Season

These are the correct sentences:

1. The New year starts ... January the 1st at 00:00 when December the 31st finishes.

a. on (correct)
b. at (not correct)
c. in (not correct)
d. over (not correct)

2. When I was a child I used to believe ... Father Christmas.

a. at (not correct)
b. on (not correct)
c. by (not correct)
d. in (correct) We say "to believe in something"

3. I do make New Year's Resolutions. Because these promises or `resolutions' renew the hope ... the next year".

a. in (not correct)
b. of (not correct "the hope of the next year would be the hope that belongs to the new year or you could live in the hope of sth.)
c. for (correct) the hope/wish/resolution you make for the next year (hope for the best)
d. about (not correct)

4. Every year I love helping my Dad put ... the decorations around the house.

a. on (you can put on clothes on yourself, but not decorations.)
b. up (correct) You put up decorations
c. in (not correct)
d. off (put off means to delay doing something)

5. On Christmas Eve I usually stay ... late and go to Midnight Mass. (Midnight Mass is a special church service held at midnight on Christmas Eve)

a. in (not correct - to "stay in" means not to got out, to stay at home")
b. on (not correct)
c. up (correct) "stay up late" means "not to go to bed"
d. over (not correct - "stay over means to stay at someone else's house overnight.)

6. Every year I buy my Mum a box ... chocolates for Christmas.

a. off (not correct)
b. of (correct)
c. in (not correct)
d. on (not correct)

7. I prefer to be with my family ... Christmas Day.

a. over (not correct - you could say "over the Christmas holiday", but not "over Christmas Day".)
b. on (correct)
c. at (not correct - you couls say "at Christmas", but not "at Christmas Day".)
d. in (not correct)

8. I always drink a toast to see ... the New Year.

a. out (not correct - to "see out" the end of something)
b. over (not correct)
c. through (not correct)
d. in (correct) To "see in the New Year" means to celebrate and welcome the New Year.

9. Please give me some advice that helps me to stick ... their resolution.

a. by (not correct)
b. with (not correct)
c. to (correct)
d. on (not correct)

14 January 2009