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190 Messy Bathrooum

A hot bath in the evening is what every Englishman likes. Can you unscramble the following items and objects to be found in a typical English bathroom?

1. habt ilo

2. posa

3. rewosh

4. thab talss

5. werop wheros

6. poshmao

7. ahfool

8. tabtham

9. bhat amfo

10. bustrothoh


Congratulations, you got the right answers to
Brainteasers (189) Riddle 'n Rhyme

Did you work it out? Here is the proper version:

Two lovers sat beneath the shade,

and one unto the other sayed,

How fortunate that you, benign,

Have smiled upon this suit of mine.

If I've a heart it palps for thee

Thy voice is music's melody.

My tend'rest feelings are for you;

"Tis heaven to be thy loved one, too;

Say, oh nymph, wilt marry me?

Then lisped the maid, "Why, certainly!"

Da wir es hier mit äußerst unmodernem Englisch zu tun haben, dürften die Verse manchen noch einige zusätzliche Rätsel aufgeben. Da hilft nur das Wörterbuch weiter. Für ganz Eilige hier noch ein paar Hinweise:

benign: kind and gentle (gütig)
suit - old English: act of asking a woman to marry (Werbung)
palp - old English: to beat, (schlagen, klopfen)
wilt - archaic English: will you
lisp - old use, biblical: to speak unclearly pronouncing s-sounds as th-sounds (lispeln)
thee - old use, biblical: you
thy - old use, biblical: your

28 April 2009