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192 Odd ones out

Can you identify the odd ones out?

The odd one out is someone or something that is different from others and does not fit into a group or a set. In this case you have to find the "odd one out" in a line of different words that have something in common.

1 chocolate, ice cream, onion, toffee, cake

2 grass, moss, blackberry, fern, leaf

3 pencil, ruler, ballpoint, fountain pen, felt pen

4 horse, rabbit, fly, rhinoceros, lion, giraffe

5 sketch, water-colour, cartoon, paintbox, oil painting

6 circle, square, triangle, pyramid, oval

7 diamond, sapphire, gold, emerald, ruby


Congratulations, you finished the puzzle correctly
Brainteasers (191) Word Square of Borrowed Words

If you could identify all the languages and borrowed words in this square, your screen looks a mess but you will be able to read the following secret message in the not encircled letters:

E N G L I S H&nsbp; x&nsbp; L I K E&nsbp; x&nsbp; S W E D I S H&nsbp; x&nsbp; S M O R G A S B O R D

Smorgasbord is another borrowed word the English have adopted. It is either a meal with many different foods that are placed on a large table so that people can serve themselves, like a buffet or it is used metaphorically for a large variety or mixture of many different things.

7 September 2009