ENGLISCH/868: Brainteasers (193) Quizzy questions and Word power (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - Vocabulary (intermediate)

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193 Quizzy questions and Word power

Here's snapshot of our times through words - a score of terms drawn from several distinct fields. Choose the answer you think is correct. To check your results wait for the next Brainteaser.

What is an "aerospace"?

A: atmosphere
B: airplane seat
C: aircraft hangar
D: dock

What is meant by "biofeedback"?

A: a math formula
B: control for brain waves
C: nutrition
D: structural analysis

What does "anti-oxidant" mean?

A: pollution control
B: vacuum
C: preservativ
D: bully

"Discothèque" is rather old fashioned, it used to be a ...

A: pharmacy
B: athletic contest
C: computer peripheral
D: nightclub

But you'll never guess what "mogul" stands for:

A: a bump on a ski slope
B: a crater
C: data
D: a large hang glider


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Brainteasers (192) Odd ones out

The odd ones out are:

1 chocolate, ice cream, onion, toffee, cake

onion: all the rest are sweets

2 grass, moss, blackberry, fern, leaf

blackberry: all the rest are green leaves

3 pencil, ruler, ballpoint, fountain pen, felt pen

ruler: all the rest are writing pens

4 horse, rabbit, fly, rhinoceros, lion, giraffe

fly: all the rest are animals

5 sketch, water-colour, cartoon, paintbox, oil painting

paintbox: all the rest are techniques of art

6 circle, square, triangle, pyramid, oval

pyramid: all the rest are two-dimensional

7 diamond, sapphire, gold, emerald, ruby

gold: all the rest are jewels

21 September 2009