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194 Return of the homonyms

Noch mehr Teekesselchen

Here are some more little homonyms. The words we are looking for each have two meanings. Can you identify the homonyms described here?

1. A part of the eye or a schoolchild:

2. A sausage or an old car:

3. Currents of warm air and a form of underwear:

4. The "skin" of a tree and the sound made by a domestic animal:


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Did you know the right meaning?
Here are the correct answers:

We are awfully sorry, but you couldn't get this right, because it happens to be a typing error:

AEROSPACE means nowadays the industry of building aircraft and vehicles and equipment to be sent into space.

But it was supposed to be AEROSPHERE which means atmosphere:

The earth's aerosphere (Erdatmosphäre) and the space beyond (Luft- und Weltraum).

BIOFEEDBACK is B the noun for the control of brain waves.

A technique of controlling your own brain waves to regulate mental states by using information "feed back" by a machine. The prefix "bio" comes from the Greek "bios" (= life). (German: Biofeedback)

ANTI-OXIDANT is C: preservative

Food preservative that inhibits oxidation of oils and fats. Composed of the prefix anti- (= against) and the French suffix oxidant (means of oxygen). (German: Antioxidant, ein Konservierungsmittel für Fette)

A DISCOTHEQUE is D: a nightclub...

...for dancing to recorded music. The word derives from the French discothèque which means a collection of recordings. (German: Disco)

A MOGUL is A: a bump on a ski slope

It consists of packed snow on a ski slope where skiers turn. Also a raised area of hard snow that you jump over when you are skiing. It derives from the Norwegian word "muge" (= heap) (German: Buckel - Buckelpiste)

16 November 2009