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195 Mind your vowels

What a mess

Oh dear! What in heaven has happened here? Find out and you will get another example of good old British humor. One hint: The first word of the corrected version is "Jones". But see for yourself:

Jenus hid thos mirvuleas hersu. "Uich mernong," hu weald tull hos frounds it hos clab,"thit hersu ef monu geus te thu diory ind guts frush molk fer my bruikfist. Thun hu geus te thu nuwsstind fer my pipur. Whun O'm ruidy fer werk, thu hersu brongs mu roght te thu deer. Ind it qaottong tomu hu's wiotong eatsodu!" Smoth wis mach omprussud by ill thos, ind midu in effur ef $100 fer thu hersu. Jenus duclonud, siyong thu fogaru wis tee lew. Smoth thun effurud $1000, ind Jenus gribbud ot.

Fer i wuuk Jenus dodn't shew ap it thu clab. Whun hu fonilly rutarnud, hu huird Smoth cemplionong ibeat hew bid thu hersu wis, hew hu dod nethong bat uit ind sluup. Thit's whun Jenus siod, "Yea knew, of yea kuup tilkong ibeat thu hersu loku thit, yea'll nuvur sull hom."

Congratulations, you've done it
Brainteasers (194) Return of the homonyms


1. A part of the eye or a schoolchild is a PUPIL


2. A sausage or an old car is a BANGER


"An old banger" ist in den meisten Fällen ein altes Auto, doch kann es auch in bezug auf andere Gegenstände oder Personen verwendet werden.

3. Currents of warm air and a form of underwear are THERMALS

(Thermik = warme Aufwinde, die Vögel und Segelflugzeuge gleichermaßen zur Flugunterstützung nutzen/Thermo-Wäsche)

4. The "skin" of a tree and the sound made by a domestic animal is BARK


22. Februar 2010