ENGLISCH/890: Brainteasers (196) Bon appetit (SB)

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196 Bon appetit

Combine the following traditional British dishes with the right ingredients.

These tasty dishes:

1 toad-in-the-hole

2 bubble and squeak

3 bangers and mash

consist of:

a) potatoe and cabbage

b) sausages and mashed potatoes

c) sausage and pastry


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Jones had this marvelous horse. "Each morning," he would tell his friends at his club," that horse of mine goes to the dairy and gets fresh milk for my breakfast. Then he goes to the newsstand for my paper. When I'm ready for work, the horse brings me right to the door. And at quitting time he's waiting outside!" Smith was much impressed by all this, and made an offer of $100 for the horse. Jones declined, saying the figure was too low. Smith then offered $1000, and Jones grabbed it.

For a week Jones didn't show up at the club. When he finally returned, he heard Smith complaining about how bad the horse was, how he did nothing but eat and sleep. That's when Jones said, "You know, if you keep talking about the horse like that, you'll never sell him."

8 March 2010