ENGLISCH/896: Brainteasers (199) Bar manners (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - Bar manners (difficult)

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199 Bar Manners

Fancy a drink?

One of the most popular British "sports" is going to the pub for a game of darts, a drink of something and a nice chat. Can you identify the odd man out, that is not a synonym for "to drink"?

- to take the dog for a walk
- to see a man about a dog
- to go to the dogs
- to go down the pub
- to have a jar
- to hit the bottle
- to raise an elbow
- to knock back a few
- to tipple
- to wet the whistle
- to drink like a fish
- to take a hair of the dog that bit you


Congratulations, you've done it
Brainteasers (198) Hidden Words

Did you find all the words which were hidden in the sentences?

I LOVE LYchees

I'm afraid there is nothing TO Eat in my fridge

When you cAN NO more hold me

I'm sure you can alSO APply for his job

Don't run so faST OR Else you'll get out of breath

He told ME AT the airport that the flight was cancelled

We LIVE Right at the top of the hill

Sorry, but there's no rooM IN The car for you

I haTE Asking people favours

ThiS PORT tastes very good

BilL ATE much too much for breakfast

14 October 2010