ENGLISCH/897: Brainteasers (200) More Odd Ones Out (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - More Odd Ones Out (easy)

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200 Odd ones out

Which one is here the odd one out?

The odd one or the odd man out is someone or something that is different from others and does not fit into a group or a set. In this case you have to find the "odd one out" in a line of different words that have something in common and then define the group in which it was wrongly placed.

1. restaurant, bar, museum, café, coffee-shop

Odd one:
All the rest are:

2. steak, lamp chop, roast chicken, smoked salmon

Odd one:
All the rest are:

3. Asia, Australia, France, Europe, America

Odd one:
All the rest are:

4. pea, bean, pear, potato, cabbage

Odd one:
All the rest are:

5. cricket, tennis, horse-racing, bat, athletics

Odd one:
All the rest are:


Congratulations, you've done it
Brainteasers (199) Bar manners

Last time we only asked for one "odd man out" The odd man out was: "to go to the dogs" (unter die Räder kommen)

But if you are always "drunk as a fiddler's bitch" you can easily go to the dogs, because you have a drinking problem? All the others were Synonyms for "to drink" with slightly different meanings:

"einen trinken gehen":
to take the dog for a walk
to see a man about a dog
to go down the pub
to have a jar
to hit the bottle
to raise an elbow

to knock back a few (ein paar runterschlucken)
to tipple (einen picheln)

to wet the whistle (sich die Kehle anfeuchten)

to drink like a fish (saufen wie ein Ochs/Kamel/Pferd usw.)

to take a hair of the dog that bit you
(einen Kater mit Alkohol bekämpfen)

13 December 2010