ENGLISCH/904: Brainteasers (201) Simple Questions (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - More Odd Ones Out (easy)

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201 Simple Questions

Right or wrong?

Read the following statements and decide if it's right or wrong.
For example:

 0 Heathrow is the harbor of London. "WRONG"
(Heathrow is one of London's airports.)

Now, it's your time:

 1 The plural of mouse is mouses.

 2 New York is the capital of the USA.

 3 Won't is the short form of want not.

 4 Cheers is another word for please.

 5 'Break' rhymes with 'lake'.

 6 Your aunt's husband is your uncle.

 7 Pears and cherries are vegetables.

 8 'Hold' is an irregular verb.

 9 You don't pronounce the 'd' in sandwich.

10 You can eat tomato soap at a restaurant.

11 Canada is larger than the USA.

11 The Past Tense of catch is catched.

12 Pink is a colour.

13 The opposite of dry is wet.

14 Westminster Abbey is one of London's railway stations.


Congratulations, you've done it
Brainteasers (200) More Odd Ones Out

Could you identify the odd man out?

1 restaurant, bar, museum, café, coffee-shop

Odd one: museum.
All the rest are places where you can eat and drink.

2 steak, lamp chop, roast chicken, smoked salmon

Odd one: smoked salmon.
All the rest are fried meat.

3 Asia, Australia, France, Europe, America

Odd one: France.
All the rest are continents.

4 pea, bean, pear, potato, cabbage

Odd one: pear.
All the rest are vegetables.

5 cricket, tennis, horse-racing, bat, athletics

Odd one: bat.
All the rest are sports.

02 December 2011