ENGLISCH/907: Brainteasers (202) Germanisms (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - Germanisms (intermediate)

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202 Loanwords

The English language has borrowed a lot of words from foreign languages. Even a number of German words have filled the gaps where there weren't good English expressions to describe the phenomenon or concept. Can you work out which Germanisms are referred to by the following definitions?

- A place where pre-school children are looked after: ............

- A healthy cereal dish eaten at breakfast: ......

- A strong desire to walk and travel: ..........

- Politics based on realistic needs rather than ideas: ...........

- A bag worn on the back when walking: ........

- A feeling of anxiety and worry about a situation or about your life .....

- Not to speak about something: to keep/stay .....


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Brainteasers (201) Simple Questions


 1 The plural of mouse is mouses. "Wrong"

(The plural of mouse is mice)

 2 New York is the capital of the USA. "Wrong"

 3 Won't is the short form of want not. "Wrong"

(won't is the short form of will not.)

 4 Cheers is another word for please. "Wrong"

(Cheers is a word that people say as they lift up their glasses to drink. Also it can be used instead of "thank you" or "goodbye" in informal English.)

 5 'Break' rhymes with 'lake'. "Right"

 6 Your aunt's husband is your uncle. "Right"

 7 Pears and cherries are vegetables. "Wrong"

(Pears and cherries are fruits.)

 8 'Hold' is an irregular verb. "Right"

 9 You don't pronounce the 'd' in sandwich. "Right"

10 You can eat tomato soap at a restaurant. "Wrong"

(You can eat something "in" a restaurant)

11 Canada is larger than the USA. "Right"

11 The Past Tense of catch is catched. "Wrong"

12 Pink is a colour. "Right"

13 The opposite of dry is wet. "Right"

14 Westminster Abbey is one of London's railway stations. "Wrong"

(Westminster Abbey is a big gothic church in London)

15-13 very good
12-10 good
 9-7 average
 6-0 poor.

29 December 2011