ENGLISCH/912: Brainteasers (203) Quizz for Sophisticates (SB)

B R A I N T E A S E R S - Quizz for Sophisticates (advanced)

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203 Who are we talking about?

1. A crossover artist is

  1. a musician who embraces different styles of music
  2. a transvestite
  3. an artist who paints in various styles

2. An airhead is

  1. a stupid person
  2. somebody who does a lot of flying
  3. a drug addict

3. An opera buff is

  1. a comic opera
  2. a nude scene in an opera
  3. somebody who is very keen on opera

4. A crossbencher is a politician

  1. who doesn't belong to the government or opposition
  2. who feels very strongly about one issue
  3. who moves around the House of Commons to avoid the television cameras

5. A headbanger is

  1. a judo black belt
  2. a forgetful person
  3. a heavy metal freak

6. A party pooper is

  1. someone who hates parties
  2. the life and soul of every party
  3. someone who organizes parties for you


Congratulations, you've done it
Brainteasers (202) Germanisms


- A place where pre-school children are looked after: kindergarten

- A healthy cereal dish eaten at breakfast: muesli

- A strong desire to walk and travel: wanderlust

- Politics based on realistic needs rather than ideas: realpolitik

- A bag worn on the back when walking: rucksack

- A feeling of anxiety and worry about a situation or about your life: angst

- Not to speak about something: to keep/stay shtum

Diese Lehnworte werden natürlich nicht deutsch, sondern entsprechend englisch ausgesprochen. Umgekehrt werden ja auch viele Anglizismen "eingedeutscht" - Man denke nur an die berühmte Worcester Sauce (sprich: "Wuster"), die meist als "Woschester Soße" aufgetischt wird.

2. Juli 2012