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210 Spice up your Business-English

You can really spice up your business-related English with the following expressions. But first you have to find the matching definition for every new word.

Business-English expressions:

1 fast tracker

2 white-collar worker

3 spin doctor

4 infomercial

5 copy

6 blue-collar worker

7 plastic

8 pink slip

9 hacker


a) A person who illegally gains access to other people's or companies' computer systems.

b) A person who is on the "road", so to speak, leading to quick career success.

c) Someone who works, typically in an office environment and wears clothing suitable for an office.

d) The text part of an advertisement or commercial.

e) Someone who does manual labour and wears work clothes.

f) A half-hour TV advertisement which is filmed before a studio audience.

g) The letter you get from your employer informing you that you will lose your job.

h) A public relations person responsible for making sure that a person or story is seen by the public from the "correct" perspective.

i) Credit card(s)


Congratulations, you've done it


The right definitions for each spicy expression are:

1 b, 2 c, 3 h, 4 f, 5 d, 6 e, 7 i, 8 g, 9 a

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10 August 2015

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